Hybrid Pumps vs Direct Drive Pumps

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Hybrid Energy Saving Pond Pumps

Energy saving magnetic Hybrid Pond Pumps are the latest in cost efficient pond construction. Hybrid pond pumps can be found ranging from 200 to over 6000 GPH in flow. These cost effective submersible pond pumps utilize cutting edge technology in order to deliver large volumes of water at very low costs. Hybrid magnetic drive pumps usually consume less than one half the energy of the same capacity direct drive pump. Energy saving Hybrid Pumps can provide your pond or water garden with circulation while saving hundreds of dollars per year in electricity costs. In areas with soaring electricity costs this savings can be even greater. Hybrid pump technology has dramatically increased in the last 5 years and this new breed of pumps have become part of an ever increasing number of ponds and water gardens. The technology used in the construction of magnetic drive pumps usually will also provide a pump with a greater life span than a direct drive pump. Compared to an equally rated direct drive pump the hybrid pumps may not yield the same total head pressure. What this means is that when pumping to great heights a direct drive pump will deliver more flow than a hybrid pump. At low heights you will see virtually no difference between the flow discharge of the Hybrid or a direct drive pump. Our recommendation is that if your water feature requires a pump that raises the water 6-8 foot or less, you may have a great candidate for an energy saving Hybrid magnetic drive pump.

Direct Drive Pond Pumps

Direct Drive Pumps have been the mainstay of the pond and water garden industry for the last decade. These pumps are powerful and generate a high volume of flow even when pumping to heights greater than 6-10 foot. Most direct drive pumps are constructed from metal and are heavier than their magnetic drive counterparts. Direct drive submersible pond pumps are perfect for very long streams or very tall waterfalls. The extra power they provide greatly adds to the visual effects of larger water features. Of course with the higher flow volume at greater heights comes a much higher energy cost. Direct drive pumps typically consume 2 to 3 times the electricity of a similar capacity hybrid magnetic drive pump. In areas with especially high electrical rates these pumps may cost more to operate than the consumer is comfortable with. Direct drive pumps are still the preferred pump of most professional pond installers. That statistic however is changing at a rapid pace. Direct drive pumps require a bearing and pump seals that will eventually fail. In the experience of many pond installers the direct drive pumps will fail at a faster rate than the comparable flow hybrid pump.

NOTE: Direct drive pumps require a certain amount of back pressure in order to operate at their capacity. This means that the pump actually lasts longer and performs better when pumping to approximately one half of its maximum lift capacity (head pressure). The use of a direct drive pump on a ground level filter or stream will require a flow reducer to prevent premature failure of the pump seals and bearings. For water garden applications of less than 3 foot you should consider a magnetic drive hybrid pond pump for savings and reduced wear on the pump.