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About 15 years ago the pond Industry in America was in transition. Online selling changed what was once a professional installation only business into a hobby enjoyable for the average family. During this transition manufacturers scrambled to put together pond kits that customers could install themselves. Sometimes these kits worked, other times- not so well.

The founders of American Pond felt that many of the emerging kits on the market contained equipment that either did not work well together or was significantly overpriced. It was decided that with a little extra legwork we could deliver both professional and consumer grade pond and waterfall kits that were both easy to install and affordable.

Today American Pond continues to search the world over to provide customers with the best possible pond supplies at the lowest possible prices. The pairing of our skimmers, filters, pumps, and other equipment is designed to work together in the most harmonious manner and is tested by pond industry veterans to ensure the best compatibility.

Additionally, American Pond brand pond kits and supplies utilize American made products whenever possible. Skimmers and filters are almost exclusively American made as is the pond liner that accompanies each kit while tubing is produced from a variety of factories across North America.

Your pond, fountain, or waterfall will be a refreshing Oasis from the stress of everyday life and we hope you will consider allowing American Pond to be part of its creation.

Our warehouse, this is where we assemble pond kits before shipment.

American Pond Warehouse
American Pond Warehouse

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