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Pond Pump Pal

American Pond Pump Pal


Large Pre-filter for most submersible pumps with vertical or horizontal discharge. Unique design allows for better water flow, pump cooling, and easy cleaning. A pump sock protects your submersible pump from large debris. It should be used for all submersible pond pumps that are not in a skimmer. (pump is not included). Filter is 10 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall, Filter bag is 10 inches tall with drawstring to secure to pump.


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Pond Filter Media

American Pond Filter Media

These replacement filter mats can be used as a pre-filter for your pond pump, or as a replacement pad for an existing pond skimmer filter or biological waterfall filter.


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Bio-Bits Filter Media

American Pond Bio-Bits Pond Filter Media


The key to a clear, great looking pond is in the health of your pond water. The single best way to keep your pond water healthy is by having a strong vibrant colony of beneficial bacteria. Beneficial Bacillus bacteria break down Ammonia, Phosphates and Nitrites in your water that lead to bad water quality and frequent algae blooms. The larger and more active your colony of beneficial bacteria, less problems you will have with water quality and fish disease.

Bio-Bits Filter Media Features:
  • Over 500 square foot of surface area per cubic foot of media.
  • Long lasting Polyester filter material will last for years
  • Low cost approach for small or large ponds alike
  • Available in a 1/3, 1 ,2, 4, 6 ,8,1 0 or 25 cubic foot box


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